Monday, September 30, 2019

New Trotting Sires at Lexington

Sires by Muscle Hill are popping up everywhere and there are two with their first crops in Lexington this year. We already have sires like Trixton, E L Titan and Southwind Spirit with foals racing so we can at least see if they have anything in common as far as mare preference.

Bar Hopping and Southwind Frank do not have many in the first session so perhaps that is an omen. Nevertheless there will be good ones as there are for any sire. Their maternal lines are opposite. Bar Hopping's dam is linebred to Super Bowl while the dam of Southwind Frank is linebred to the Speedster line. In either case, though, based on sires with similar maternal lines they both will do best with mares that are linebred or inbred to the Speedster line or mares with no Speedy Crown line maternally. This is backed up by the early profiles of the sons of Muscle Hill at stud.

Of the 20 top ones 18 of them are from mares linebred or inbred to the Speedster line usually through Speedy Crown  himself or Valley Victory. The broodmare sires involved are through Valley Victory (7) incl 6 of the top 10, other Speedy Crown (2), Super Bowl/Stars Pride (4), Noble Victory (4), and Pine Chip (3).The lone exceptions are Golden Trix from a mare that is both linebred and inbred to the Stars Pride line and has a second dam by Speedy Crown and Spoiled Princess who has no Speedy Crown maternally.

19 of the 20 have a Stars Pride line (16) and/or Noble Victory line (3) in their dams. The lone exception here is from a Dream Vacation (Pine Chip) mare that is inbred to Speedy Crown.

The dams that are Stars Pride line are inbred to Speedy Crown or a son of Speedy Crown. A Super Bowl line shows up in 16 of the top 20 but not in the top 3.

The profile then is pretty straightforward. The dams should be

Linebred of inbred to Speedster including at least one line through Speedy Crown.
A Super Bowl line maternally would be preferable for Bar Hopping who like his sire has a dam linebred to Stars Pride.

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