Sunday, August 8, 2010

Database Update

An update to the database is now available. It contains an update of top European horses as well as all of the 2010 yearlings. The yearlings are flagged in the database by sale under the Optional Field #1. To date the yearlings for the following sales are flagged with the sale designation as follows:

N - New Jersey
C - Canadian Open
F - Forest City
I - Illinois

In addition the consignments by principal breeders to Harrisburg (H) and Lexington (L) have been noted. A further update will be available by the end of August with the full sale rosters for both of these sales.

To access the list for any sale go to the Horse tab and select Advanced Search. Click on the down arrow next to Horse and choose User defined 1 and enter the sale designation e.g. N for New Jersey, then click Add then Search.

Recommendations for purchase from the various sales are available in the form of lists rated on the basis of pedigree and prioritized on the basis of speed and earnings in the family. Contact me for pricing.

The top rated trotter in our rankings for the foals of 2007 was Muscle Massive, winner of the Hambletonian. The top rated pacer was Rock N Roll Heaven