Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Progress Report on Globetrotter

I have posted an update to Globetrotter which includes the 2011 performance update and stallion listings. This will probably be the last time you need to replace your database since we are moving towards a web based database that you can access either through PedigreeGuru or through your Globetrotter program and ultimately with your i-phone or i-pad..

We have relocated both the PedigreeGuru and PedigreeMatching sites to a new server - much faster and more secure. Over the next few weeks we will be redesigning the sites to make them more compatible and making cosmetic changes to remove redundant info and links.

The new web presence will be known as PM-Online and will combine the two websites as well as offering pedigree databases for both Standardbred and Thorobred pedigrees using Globetrotter and Globerunner respectively. The Globetrotter database will incorporate standardbreds, cold blood trotters and Tennessee Walking Horses while the Globerunner database will feature Thorobreds and Quarterhorse pedigrees.

We are working on the ultimate pedigree matching tool, what we call the EasyMate button. Type in your mare, select where you want to breed and how much you want to pay and EasyMate will give you a ranked list of stallion options. This will be available as an App for mobile users. The App will also feature instant yearling ratings as a basis for your yearling inspections.

Sounds like fun Eh?