Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crys Dream

One of the best two year old trotting fillies this year is Crys Dream with a pedigree that is far from fashionable. It does, however, have a lot of merit. Her sire is Taurus Dream who was bred and stood in Quebec and the dam, Crystas Image, is a Canadian bred daughter of Balanced Image.

Like a lot of good fillies Crys Dream is a double to Margaret Parrish through Rodney. Her second dam is also a double to Margaret Parrish through the same source. The maternal line has a succession of mares that are inbred maternally. Crys Dream is inbred to Speedy Crown, Crystas Image is inbred to Speedster and Stars Pride, Crown Crysta in addition to her double to Margaret Parrish through Rodney is also inbred to Stars Pride. The fourth dam is inbred to Rodney and Volomite, the fifth dam to Volomite and Darnley, the sixth dam to Peter Volo and Guy Axworthy and so on. This continued sequence of maternal inbreediong through several generations is a feature of many great pedigrees including Moni Maker who goes back ten generations in this fashion.

Taurus Dream has a second dam that was Quebec sired from an imported French mare called Nevadara who also has an interesting pedigree with lots to offer maternally. She was by Caprior, a descendant of The Great McKinney, an American sire that was exported to France in the 1920's and is known primarily for his two sons, the full brothers Ogaden and Kairos. These two are key figures in French maternal lines through their daughters. Caprior's maternal line goes through the English thorobred mare Gladys, another key maternal influence in France.

Nevadara's dam , Fenaison, is line bred to Sam Williams, another US sire that went to France in the 1920's but she is also inbred maternally to Loudeac whose dam Bonne Fortune is another important figure in French maternal lines.

The maternal family of Taurus Dream is not French however since it goes back through an American bred mare called Lady Stately, foaled in 1904 and subsequently exported to France. She is of interest because her dam carries a sibling cross to Miss Russell through her sons Mambrino Russell and Nutwood, the latter being the sire of the dam of Margaret Parrish.

The mastermind behind the pedigree of Crys Dream is the famous French breeder Jean Pierre Dubois, who operates in North America under the Dream With Me stable name and his farm name of Reve Avec Moi now located in Kentucky.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Globetrotter Update

An update to the Globetrotter database is now available. The instructions for downloading are here at

The update contains North American performance data for two and three year olds.