Friday, June 1, 2012

Muscle Hill and Federal Flex

As noted in a couple of earlier blog entries these two sires have similar pedigrees and can be expected to relate well to similar mares. I also noted earlier that Muscle Hill has a full brother, Diesel Don, with foals now racing in Sweden, and there are two producing sires in North America that have maternal lines similar to those of Federal Flex, namely Amigo Hall and Incredible Abe.

Muscle Hill is by Muscles Yankee from a dam by American Winner (Super Bowl) with a second dam by Hickory Pride making his dam line bred to Stars Pride. Federal Flex flips the maternal combination over since his dam is by S Js Photo, a Stars Pride line stallion through Hickory Pride, and his second dam is by Joie de Vie by Super Bowl. This is a subtle difference since it affects the profile priority for one sire versus the other even though the overall profile remains the same.

I have attached the profiles for Diesel Don, Amigo Hall and Incredible Abe. Clearly the presence of Super Bowl maternally in the dams of their successful performers stands out. In the case of Diesel Don, however, the Super Bowl line is that of the broodmare sire while the other two sires prefer mares with Super Bowl 2nd and occasionally third dams. This may have something to do with the position of Super Bowl in the sires being in the same corresponding position, i.e. In the first dam of Diesel Don, and in the second dam of Amigo Hall and Incredible Abe,

There are other possible profile factors that could be in play. Typically when a sire has no Speedy Crown maternally we see them succeed with dams that double up that sire either linebred or inbred maternally. Monte Hall by Incredible Abe is an example of this, as is York Kemp by Diesel Don.

Another combination to watch for are mares that combine Speedy Crown and Noble Victory lines maternally. See Xandria Kemp by Diesel Don, as well as several good ones from Garland Lobell mares.

For the first crop, however, the odds are in favour of following the principal profile factor.

Attached also are the profiles of the yearlings by Muscle Hill and Federal Flex.

The yearling pedigrees are now in the Globetrotter database and are also available online at .