Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Normally spring in the standardbred world is a time of hopeful expectations. About now the two year olds are showing the promise that was expected in the yearling sales. This year is sadly different. The uncertainty with two year olds has been compounded big time with the political machinations of governments in Ontario and Pennsylvania who seem intent on destroying the standardbred industry in favour of short term revenue gains.

Somebody out there has not been telling the powers that be the real story.

Perhaps it is the nature of our business where horsemen and women  seldom agree on a universal approach to what is good for the industry. This gives the governments of the day all the ammunition they need to arbitrarily change the rules of the game.

First things first. Unity

Everybody in this business has a personal agenda. Forget about it 

The racing industry, standardbred or thorobred, has to constantly prove it has a positive role in society and the common good. Recognize that there are a lot of people out there that could care less. But the  bottom line is that this business, like any other business, provides employment and pays taxes. It is not a sinfull occupation.

If you are serious about this industry then you must do eveything you can to support it. Whether you are in New Jersey, Ontario or PEI the future of standardbred racing depends on you. Let your feelings be known. Politics is all about numbers.

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  1. Well said, Norman. We've been fighting hard each and every day in Ontario but I'm afraid we are in a losing battle to date. We have to get to those people who don't care less about horse racing but will be mortified to think that these young athletes, that were bred to race, are going to end up meeting their premature end at the slaughter house. The Mennonites and Amish can only take what they can use right now; the adoption agencies for horses are full to the brim. Unemployed horsepeople will have to take care of themselves and their families first. Many of these people are not going to find other work easily, if at all. It's time to take the gloves off and start fighting McGuinty with the brutal truth of what will happen to these horses when they lose 'their' jobs. Maybe city folk who don't give a damn about horse racing will pay attention to us then.