Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pedigree Camp

We still have room for you at Pedigree Camp. Im pleased to announce that Paul Spears from Hanover will be back - for his fifth year in a row. We also have Bob Ladouceur of St Lads Farm returning - he was at our first Camp. Among the newbies are the ladies behind Highland Farms in Ontario, and a stockbroker from Alberta, Dr Doug Hutchins is bringing along his partner in owning horses, a veterinarian from New York and there are several other returnees including Betsey Kelley making her third trip from Maine where she has had a successful year with her stallion Musclini.

This will be the last Pedigree Camp on PEI since we seem to have gone through all of our principal local breeders at least once and the PEI Colt Stakes will cease their sponsorship accordingly this year. If you can't make it to Camp this year you can always ask your area breeders organization to consider putting a weekend on locally. Have Camp - Will Travel will be the future M O.

Applications for Pedigree Camp can be found on our website at

For those of you currently registered, while the formalities don't start till Friday evening, Dr Doug and I will be playing golf at Eagles Glenn on Friday morning. If anyone wants to join us let me know. Perhaps we can have a little two-person Texas scramble competition to whet our appetites for the lobster dinner.

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  1. Pedigree Camp is over for this year and based on the enthusiastic response I might have to reconsider my plans for next year. We had a great group that included veteran campers as well as several new faces. The weather was superb for the races, the bus tour and the wind-up garden party as well as for the golf game we had on the Friday. The best part of any experience like this is the networking that is created. It was great to see the renewed friendships of past camps as well as the interest of the newcomers in forming connections with their new found friends with a common interest.

    Thanks to all of you who attended and best wishes for your future pedigree decisions.