Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prix d`Amerique 2011

I have been to Paris to see this race on several occasions. I have to admit that, next to the Gold Cup and Saucer on PEI, I have never been as excited by a race. It is not just a race but a whole smorgasborg of experiences with all that goes on before and during the program. There is the trade show in the grandstand where you can visit with the farms and stallion owners, the yearling sale, the antique book and art auction, and of course everything else that Paris has to offer outside of Vincennes. Dean Hoffman organizes a trip to the Prix and if he still has openings you should give him a call or email. You will not regret it.

I wrote about the race the last two years on this blog and last year I handicapped the race with some success considering that there are usually 16 entries. My handicapping was based on the presence of Florestan and/or Speedy Somolli in the pedigrees. Read the previous blogs to understand why. Some of the same horses are eligible this year although we wont know the actual starters for another week. Last year the winner was a longshot Oyonnax who had both Florestan and Speedy Somolli in his pedigree. The others who finished in the top five all had one or the other. The previous year the top two were out of dams by Florestan. Take a look at the entries when they are available and see if you can pick the top horses for this year. The pedigrees will be available on the website. Post your picks here and the one who comes up with the most top five finishers will receive an alledgedly fabulous prize of a Pedigrees To Go netbook that is set up for all your pedigree needs - see the website for more details on Pedigrees To Go.. is the link to the Prix d`Amerique site on the site . The entries should be listed there shortly.

As a footnote the top two year old in France last year and off to a great start this year winning a Grade II race is Uno La Chesnaie by new sire Prince d'Espace. He is undefeated in his last five starts and like Oyonnax his pedigree has both Speedy Somolli and Florestan. You wont see him in the Prix d`Amerique but he will might race in the Group III race for three year olds on the same day.


  1. My predictions are the following

    1. Maharajah, by the leading sire in sweeden Viking Kronos, dont think i seen a stronger horse, his last race was amazing, and it looked like he was only jogging the whole race, i dont see anyone beat this horse next sunday.

    2. Oyonnax, has performed well in his last starts, he seems ready for the race

    3. Ready Cash, looked good untill his last race, didn't trot well then.

    4. Qwerty, seems very strong, and Pierre Levesque knows for sure how to prepare for Prix de amerique

    5. Quaker Jet, has performed well in his last races, surprised if he dont do well next sunday as well

    The starting list isn't ready yet, but i'm pretty sure these horses will start next sunday.

    Interesting with Qwerty, who neither got Speedy Somolli or Florestan in his pedigree, but Fandango, Qwerty a 4x4 cross to fandango and Maharajahs 2nd dam is by Tibur a son of Fandango

    Regards John, Norway

  2. I see now that Qwerty will not be starting on sunday, so my pick for 4th place would be Olga du Biwetz