Friday, January 4, 2013

French Sire Profiles

I have updated the database for French performance and will be posting profiles for several sires of general interest. I have completed one for Goetmals Wood, the top sire in terms of stud fee currently in France.

Goetmals Wood is by And Arifant who traces back to Victory Song on sire line and his dam is a mixture of French and North American lines - 1st dam by Kimberland, a grandson of Stars Pride, second dam by Greyhound, a descendent of the popular sire line through Carioca II that is also responsible for Coktail Jet and his many sons at stud in France.

The pedigree has no Speedy Crown in it so it is not unexpected to see several of the top 20 out of Speedy Crown line dams. The Speedy Crown line actually goes back to the same origin as Carioca II, that being Peter Scott, son of Peter The Great. Carioca II is the sire line of 8 of the top 20 by Goetmals Wood. Add in one more by Sugarcane Hanover who also is Peter Scott line and you find that 15 of the top 20 are bred this way. There is just one with a Stars Pride line dam which I must admit is not expected but it does have a second dam by Speedy Crown as well as a third dam through Carioca II.

There are four dams by the traditional French sire lines, two through Fuschia, which is the sire line of the dam of And Arifant, while the other two dams are Phaeton line and inbred to the Fuschia line maternally. The top four all have a Fuschia line through Hernani III and in fact all of the Fuschia lines in the profile take that path. Also noteworthy is the presence of The Great McKinney line in the top four performers, while the fifth best is from a mare inbred to The Great McKinney line and the sixth best has a broodmare sire whose dam is through that same old North American line going back to George Wilkes.

Summing it up, if I wanted to breed one of the best by Goetmals Wood, I would want a mare by the Peter Scott line through either Speedy Crown or Carioca II, or that is inbred maternally to either, and the dam should also preferably have a Fuschia line and one through The Great MacKinney.

You can view the pedigrees at if you do not have the Globetrotter program.

You can also download other trotting stallion profiles from this link

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