Sunday, January 17, 2010


Queen Among Queens

Several years ago I published my thoughts on Pedigree Matching in a small booklet. Since then the use of Pedigree Matching has expanded to include the Pedigree Matching GlobeTrotter software program and an internet site called There are now hundreds of program and website users around the world and it is in response to their requests for more information on such topics as “the X Factor” and the importance of maternal connections that I have decided to self publish another book called Queen Among Queens. May I share the comments of two of my early readers.

“This is the most provocative and informative work I have ever seen. I commend you for being a modern day Wallace and Sherlock Holmes. Your software Pedigree Matching is also a wonder. As I learn to use it I am like a kid with a new toy, continually finding new things. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all who want to improve the breed.”

– Bart Cavanagh, Media, PA

‘You’ve done a remarkable job of compiling the research for this book. I’m sure it will be a valuable reference for many breeders for decades to come. Congratulations on a magnificent effort”

– Dean Hoffman, Editor, Hoofbeats

Currently available as a download – Price $25

To order Queen Among Queens click contact me at

2010 Stallion Finder

The 2010 Stallion Finder lists all major sires in North America by Maternal Sire Line, Alphabetical and by State or Province.

Each stallion listing shows the stallion profile which indicates the type of mares the stallion has been, or can expected to be, successful with. The Stallion Finder tables are an invaluable aid to short listing stallion prospects, based on their successful offspring to date and predicting the success of new stallions based on the success of similarly bred stallions in the tables. Stallions are grouped together based on their common maternal lines and the sire lines are colour coded for ease of recognition.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone breeding to established sires, new stallions or buying yearlings. Here is what one reader said about this book.

"I am in awe of the work you've done to assemble this data. I have to spend a lot more time to be able to understand it, but what you have done is very important to the sport.’

- Dr Paul Spears, Hanover Shoe Farms

Available by download for $25. To order the 2010 Stallion Finder contact me at

Practical Pedigrees

The horse racing world is full of pedigree theories, beliefs, old wives tales and opinions when it comes to making the most important decisions that breeders or buyers must make – What to breed and what to buy with respect to pedigree. The success or failure of an investment in a race-horse hinges on these crucial decisions and a wrong decision can be at the least very expensive.

But what are the things you need to look for in the pedigree, what patterns exist that are worth repeating, and what indeed is the most practical way of making a decision based on pedigree? Is there really such a thing as the right pedigree or shall we say “the correct pedigree”? This booklet “Practical Pedigrees” is designed to give you the answers to these questions and teach the reader how to apply the answers in making correct and profitable breeding and buying decisions based on pedigree.

Available by download for $25. To order the Practical Pedigrees contact me at

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