Sunday, January 17, 2010

Globetrotter Software

The Globetrotter software has been designed by horsemen and with the input of some of the best pedigree minds in the Standardbred business. Beginning in 1994 with the first version available on 12 floppy discs the program has evolved from a database of 85,000 horses to what it is today - the largest, and only truly international, Standardbred database in the world with over 1.5 million horses and counting. The original program was called PM95 and was converted to CD in 1998 and renamed PM99. Then in 2005, as a result of the input of our many users, we introduced Globetrotter as a brand new version with many added features.

We continue to develop new applications for the program and now you can get our latest innovation Pedigrees To Go, a netbook based system that is dedicated for use solely for pedigrees. No more struggling with a desktop or laptop loaded with everything you don't need getting in the way. No more waiting for access with your family members on the family computer.

The portable, lightweight (approx 4 lbs) Pedigrees To Go netbook is about the size of the Harrisburg sale catalog but many times more valuable to your purchase and breeding decisions.

You can get your copy of Globetrotter in several forms. You can download for installation on your current computer from the internet through our Pedigree Matching site, or have it sent to you on a CD-Rom or flash drive, or obtain a download link by contacting Pedigree Matching directly. Payment can be made by credit card through our secure Order page or by mailing or faxing an order form available on this site, or you can, again, call us directly and place your order for Globetrotter or any of our other products or Pedigree Matching services.

Whichever way you choose you have several days to try Globetrotter out before buying your unlock key in order to continue using the software.

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