Sunday, January 17, 2010

About Us

The PedigreeGuru website and the Pedigree Matching Globetrotter program have been developed by Norman and Chuck Hall from Prince Edward Island, Canada. We have drawn on our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience within the Standardbred industry to create these unique pedigree resources.

Norman Hall is a long time active member of the Standardbred community in Atlantic Canada. He has been involved for over thirty years in the industry and has served the industry in many capacities. He has been the manager of the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Colt Stakes for the past 27 years as well as serving in periodic appointments as a director of the PEI Standardbred Horse Owners Association, as a director, volunteer manager and President of the Charlottetown Driving Park and as a founding member of the PEI Harness Racing Industry Association. He has been honoured by the PEISHOA as Active Horseman Of The Year for his volunteer activities and by The Atlantic Standardbred Breeders Association, with the prestigious Glen Kennedy Memorial Award, for his support of the breeding industry in Atlantic Canada. Recently, in the Provincial Legislature, he was recognized by the Government of the day as well as the Opposition for his efforts in promoting Standardbred pedigree research through the development of his unique software, Pedigree Matching Globetrotter, and the PedigreeGuru website.

In addition to his involvement with breeding farms and breeders organizations in North America he has traveled extensively to give seminars on standardbred breeding throughout Europe, most recently conducting a five seminar tour in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, as well as seminars in Wales and Scotland. He has also traveled to Australia and New Zealand to assist breeding operations there as well as in Germany and France on several occasions. The Globetrotter breeding program is now a valuable asset to the pedigree research needs of such farms as Hanover Shoe Farms, Blue Chip Farm, Tara Hills, Alabar, and many small breeders around the world.

Mr Hall is a Professional Engineer by training and brings his analytical skills and focus on “the facts” to the vital decisions that breeders have to make in choosing sires for their mares. He is the author of two books, his original work on Pedigree Matching published in 1988, and a 2005 publication called Queen Among Queens which details the evolution of the maternal lines of the Standardbred horse. His recent endeavours include the introduction of an annual Pedigree Camp on Prince Edward Island. Details on the 2010 Pedigree Camp can be found here.

Charles Hall is a veterinarian who has worked at the prestigious Armstrong Bros. Farm and now operates Hall Equine Services in Ontario where he specializes in reproduction. He has been the sole programmer for the Pedigree Guru website as well as the Pedigree Matching Globetrotter software.

In addition to Norman and Chuck, there are over 20 pedigree experts from around the world that contribute their knowledge to the ongoing development of the database used by both PedigreeGuru and the Globetrotter software

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