Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canadian Open Trotting Yearlings

The top group of sires with trotting yearlings in the Canadian Open includes Angus Hall and Kadabra, both sires with major league performers that continue to do well. Federal Flex and Windsong Espoir yearlings should also attract attention as first crop possibilities. Majestic Son appears to be extending his first crop success into his two year olds this year although both he and Muscle Mass seem destined to be good regional sires rather than producers of Grand Circuit material. And then there is the surprisingly lacklustre Deweycheatumnhowe to date.

The Maybe group in this sale includes Amigo Hall, the departed Ken Warkentin, and Striking Sahbra, while the risky buys will be yearlings by Cornaro Dasolo, Mr Lavec, Mutineer, and the unraced The Pres.

I have previously blogged on Federal Flex on a couple of occasions with regards to his similarity to Muscle Hill and the likely profile of his top performers. Windsong Espoir, as a son of Kadabra, is typical of the best by that sire being from a Noble Victory line dam as are 11 of Kadabra's top 16. I expect that connection to also be best for Windsong Espoir. His maternal lines are Balanced Image - Speedy Crown. Yearlings from mares by Angus Hall or by sons of Balanced Image should be among his best especially those inbred maternally to Speedy Crown. In that respect the sire to model on is Rc Royalty, a Super Bowl line sire with maternal lines of Balanced Image - Speedy Scot.

A couple of sires with modest results to date are Deweycheatumnhowe and Muscle Mass. Dewey, who is Speedy Somolli - Noble Victory maternally,  is sticking close to his profile with 11 of his top 16 being from Noble Victory line dams and 9 of his top 10 showing a line through Speedy Somolli. His best performer has just $46K made but it is still too early to make a real judgement. The same can be said for Muscle Mass whose best are all over the map so far with respect to profile which does not come as a surprise since similar sires like Glidemaster have been every bit as unpredictable and inconsistent. One of the few I liked last year at the yearling sales was Muscle Magic, who is right on profile and off to a good start to date with a close third place finish in the first OSS Gold Final. and two seconds in Gold elims. Take a look at Northern Cone in this sale.

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